27. 11. 2014


Table of Contents


Predators in the night

Roman Petz

Soldiers in telnyashkas

Alois Belota

Agents of the Third Reich in the service of His Majesty

Petr Woletz

The Germans score an own goal

Lukas Visingr

Interwiev: In command of the Hitlerjugend Division

Jiri Kosnar

The advent of the aircraft carrier battle

Lukas Visingr

A curiosity for saboteurs

Lukas Visingr

Four-legged helpers

Vladimir Lender, Martin Koller

A deadly two-legged tube

Karel Cidlinsky

The storm that turned into a breeze

Miroslav Masek

Propagandists in uniform

Adam Wolfsberg


Petr Woletz

Invisible combat over Europe

Petr Woletz